Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Future of Social Networking

It's been 10 years of developing the web since the first implementations of Web 2.0 began back in 1999. I can't even begin to count the number of web sites I've rolled out in that time. The number of technologies that I have been introduced to and added to my arsenal are enough to make my brain go numb. Interactive information sharing has indeed come a long way and its evolution still amazes me. We've seen dot-com's grow to mammoth proportions and then watched as they fizzle out. Still others thrive for reasons that we just do not have facts or numbers on. In early 2000 it seemed that the peer to peer giant Napster would take over the world and yet today they are lost in the shadows of iTunes and the Zune Marketplace. Some interactive web sites like were on top for a fleeting moment and gone as quick as they came. Even MySpace has been steadily losing its edge for several years now.

So what's next for the web? I ask myself this question almost daily as it is after all how I keep the family fed and housed. Without a doubt, social networking is going to break through to a new plateau. Websites like Facebook and Twitter have moved beyond cult phenomenom now and have become the daily web diet of the average computer user. These site are not going away anytime soon as long as they keep us engaged with games like Mafia Wars and Farmville. Personally, I never play the games on facebook and most of my requests go unanswered not because I don't want to be bothered, but I just WISH that I had that much time in my life to play because it looks like fun. The little bit of gaming time I do have is spent on Xbox Live where you can find me as Corinthian06.

That said, I think we will see a new trend in these types of sites because the site owners are realizing that we cannot be bought with banner ads and PPC advertizing. We are abhored by pop-up advertizing and that includes innocent surveys. You might say that some types of online marketing are beginning to sour, perhaps losing its effectiveness. So where do large corporations go next to generate profits? Well... they're going to come to the end users. People just like you and me and leverage our network of friends.

You may recall all of the attention Barnes & Noble, Inc. received when they introduced their associate plan? The way it worked was you put some links to some of their products on your personal website and a user purchased that book by following your link you received a few pennies. That didn't work very well for you and me because the business model was terrible and the associate plan was eventually phased out. Now imagine this idea on steroids, with enough of a profit margin for social network junkies like you and me that it could be lucrative?

Enter This is a genius blend of social networks aggregation and multi-tier marketing and frankly... I like it! This is good for people, good for the economy and what the heck, we're hanging out on facebook and tweeting on twitter anyway, so why not get paid for it right?

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Until next time... Happy Surfing!

Bill @ gnidesign

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