Thursday, December 10, 2009

Search Engine Tricks at the Top

I started researching facts for this article tonight when I stumbled upon the Associated Press (AP) website. Lo and behold, I see the article I had been planning to write! OK, sort of. My article was leaning toward a slightly different context but had the same premise. So rather than recreate the wheel, I thought I'd just bring out the important stuff and point you all to the meat and potatoes over at the AP site.

The bottom line is this, just because a company achieves a number 1 or 2 ranking in the search engines, should you trust them? Absolutely not! Although we all aspire to be number 1 on google, Jordan Robertson quickly points out in his article that it is very easy for deviant people to achieve high search ranking by exploiting the algorithms of top search engines like google search, yahoo search and bling search.

According to the article, security researcher Jim Stickley performed an investigative experiment where he created a website that mimicked the legitimate financial institution website of the Credit Union of Southern California. By implementing known "black hat" Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, Strickley's phishing website obtained a "No. 2 ranking on Yahoo Inc.'s search engine and landed in the top slot on Microsoft Corp.'s Bing, ahead of even the credit union's real site" (Roberton 2009). These results were achieved seemingly overnight.

You can read the entire article at the AP website but the important point I want to bring out as a SEO expert is this, -there are real Search Engine Optimization firms in Raleigh, as there are SEO companies in North Carolina and across the United States that specialize in black hat SEO techniques. These companies will happily take your money and even get you a top spot in the Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs)... BUT... this comes at a high price because the large Search Engines are looking for this and will quickly remove your site from the index and ban your domain. This is not a good a position for your business to be in, no pun intended.

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